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2 of the most harmful substances on your home

Apart from restoring the curb appeal to a home, a professional pressure clean by Eco Pro Pressure Cleaning will make your home or place of work safer.  Not only does it remove stains like dirt but it is the stains below the surface that over time can cause your family harm. Below are 2 of the most harmful stubborn substances on your home that can be removed by a professional pressure clean.

1. Mold

Mold is a fungus that has a fuzzy appearance and comes in many different shades, including orange, green, grey, brown, and black. Mold spreads through the release of spores into the air where they float around before finding a surface to rest on and eventually spread. Mold is actually very toxic and can pose a number of health risks like allergic reactions and respiratory issues for anyone living inside.

Mold loves a damp environment including rooftops, windowsills, pipes, tiles, stones, and wood. While it may not always be visible there is a distinctive and offensive smell that it gives off. Once mold appears outdoors it can easily find its way indoors through doorways, windows and ventilation systems


The best way to remove mold would be to call a professional service. Power washing implemented with mold-fighting cleaning products can remove mold—visible or not—and stop the spread of spores to prevent future mold growth.

2. Soot

Soot is the accumulation of pollution like acids, dust, and soil, all melded together to form impure carbon particles in the air. Particles of soot are very tiny so breathing in soot particles is easy to do and can cause respiratory problems just like mold. However, prolonged exposure to soot can also cause more serious health problems like asthma, bronchitis, and heart disease.

Soot is the result of the combustion of coal, wood, oil, and other types of fuel, and is usually discharged with fumes from power plants, workshops, and cars. Soot can normally float around unnoticed in the outside air but it will form a black powdery substance when gathered on the exteriors of houses. Buildup on windowsills and siding are especially common for homes that are situated near busy roads or highways since car fuel emissions are a major source of soot.

Removing soot, just like mold, requires the specialized machinery, chemicals, and plan of attack that only a professional pressure cleaner like Eco Pro has.  Call us today for a quote!

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