Commercial & Industrial Pressure Cleaning Brisbane & Gold Coast

EcoPro understands that a clean working environment is not only key to safe working conditions, but it speaks volumes in terms of the quality of product or services your clients would expect when they walk through the front doors.

Regardless of your specifications, we offer a full range of specialty commercial pressure cleaning service solutions to meet your needs, and employ the best environmentally compliant cleaning practices in the industry. No matter what the size of your facility, our team at EcoPro is ready to tackle the dirt, dust and grease which inevitably build up over time. Our affordable high pressure cleaning prices make our services highly accessible to any Brisbane or Gold Coast business.

Our Approach

At every site we attend we first take out a thorough site essessment to assess risk and safety, environmental impacts, determine the correct service for the job and provide a detailed job plan. Once approving then plan, we impliment our site management policies to ensure that the best result is achieved in the safest way possible for the public, our workers, and the environment.

Key Steps Involved

  • Preliminary site assessment and plan
  • Test small areas to determine that our cusotmer is satisfied with the initial result
  • Arrange any special access required to complete the task
  • Employ all required measures to ensure maximum safety
  • Comply with all safety standards during the job to minimise risk
  • Ensure work is completed on time by allocating the appropriate staffing and equipment
  • Remove any leftover rubbish, dirt, silt, sand and hazardous materials
  • Reduce noise levels wherever possible, especially when working near residential areas

Upon Completion

Once the job is complete, we offer a full walkthrough of our work with the customer to ensure their standards have been met. Written reports and detailed job breakdowns are provided by default for certain job types and can be requested for all jobs. This includes before and after images so you can see the improvement clearly.

Our Commercial Pressure Cleaning Skills

Whether it be through a regular cleaning schedule or a one off deep clean, EcoPro have the skills, tools, and expertise to get the job done right:

  • hardscape areas including driveways, pathways, parking lots, stairways and loading docks
  • building facade wash-downs including roofs, walls and windows
  • food storage, preparation and service areas
  • washing and sanitisation of commercial bins
  • restaurant, hotel and hospital kitchens
  • cold stores and food processing plants
  • indoor and outdoor eating areas
  • signage
  • toilets

Factory Pressure Washing

EcoPro’s Recapture-Recycle-Reuse technology is an ideal cleaning solution for overcoming problems of insufficient drainage. Our system combines high pressure, steam and a vacuum extraction system to clean the surface, remove waste and contaminants and prevents any waste water from collecting within the premises. This process reduces downtime and leaves the factory and warehouse floors dry and ready to use.

Builders Pressure Cleaning

EcoPro offers pressure cleaning services to eliminate the dust, dirt and grime that is inevitably created during new building construction or renovation works. Our team specialises in post-construction cleaning including building wash downs, concrete and tile floor pressure cleaning, and driveway pressure cleaning to ensure the property is move-in ready.

Car Park Cleaning

Over time, parking areas become soiled from oil, grease and other motor vehicle contaminants. This type of built-up residue is not only unsightly, but can also lead to concrete damage and present a hazard to employees and visitors, which may lead to liability issues for the property owner. EcoPro’s Recapture-Recycle-Reuse technology not only results in reduced mess, enhanced safety and a faster return to operation of your Car Park, but also helps you meet stringent EPA requirements with regard to runoff.

Cool Room Cleaning

Clean and well-maintained cool rooms, freezers/refrigerators and cold storage facilities is an essential aspect in many Brisbane and Gold Coast businesses. EcoPro are experts at safely and effectively removing mould, bacteria and other biological contaminants, using hot water to cut through ice and stains without the need to shut down your fridge or freezer. The result is improved airflow, increased cooling capacity and energy savings. What’s more, our vacuum recovery system means that there is a lesser need to move stock, therefore saving you time and money.

Petrol Station Cleaning

We understands that a clean, well maintained service station is one that customers will trust and regularly come back to. At EcoPro, our team is accredited under the Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) to ensure they are aware of the health, safety and environmental requirements, allowing them to carry out work at service stations in a safe manner. Our services include cleaning hard surface areas, retail premises, canopies, forecourts and bowsers.

Oil Spill Clean-Up

EcoPro’s Recapture-Recycle-Reuse technology provides effective spill cleanup of oils, paints and other dangerous chemicals and materials. EcoPro can provide a quick response to contain, recover, clean and dispose of the spill, whilst prioritising the health and safety of staff and the general public and minimising further environmental impact.

Shopping Centre Cleaning

EcoPro recognises that your shopping centre is a valuable investment, and an exceptional appearance is needed to keep tenants and owners happy as the property maintains its value. The cost of routine pressure washing is a fraction of future renovations and replacements. We offer complete maintenance programs with flexible scheduling and free estimates, and can provide services such as pressure cleaning all exterior and interior hard surfaces of your shopping centre, single or multi-level car parks, loading docks, commercial bins and shade sails.

School Grounds Pressure Cleaning

Like any building, schools need regular maintenance of their external hard surfaces to improve the lifespan and ensure OH&S risks are minimised. EcoPro can provide a maintenance program that is suited to your school and will provide minimal disruption to the staff and students. Suggested services include pressure cleaning of footpaths and paved areas, roofs and exterior hard surfaces, shade sails and other common area facilities.

Government Building Cleaning

EcoPro offers pressure cleaning solutions to a wide range of government assets to ensure they remain functional and inviting for years to come. We have the skills, equipment and experience to provide pressure cleaning solutions to public spaces, car parks, heavy vehicle and equipment, street furniture, signage and playgrounds. We can also remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces. Our services also extend to communicating with local stakeholder groups to ensure they know when and where cleaning will take place, as well as providing comprehensive written reports including ‘before’ and ‘after’ images.

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