EPOXY FLOORS – What are they?

Epoxy Floor coatings have become the gold standard for concrete floor coatings because it is easy to clean, slip resistant and can last a lifetime!

Floor paint and DIY kits are notoriously difficult to prep and install and mats and tiles trap dirt and germs underneath them. Better science makes epoxy floor coatings stronger and more resilient, and professional installation makes the process a breeze.

Cleaning – Epoxy floor coatings require little more than occasional sweeping and mopping. They can resist scratches, dents, chipping and more.

You won’t have tiny grooves that collect germs and smell mildewy. Interlocking tiles and garage mats can be hosed off, but they’re much more difficult to actually sanitize. Just a little vinegar solution keeps an epoxy-coated floor hygienic!

Slip Resistant – Whether it’s a home garage or a commercial space like kitchens, veterinary clinics, and auto shops, you need a concrete floor coating with slip resistance.

Custom Color & Textures – Popular styles for epoxy floor coatings include basic gray or tan, with or without colored chips for a terrazzo effect. However epoxy coatings can look like granite, marble, mirrored metallic, or even your favorite sports team’s colors.

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