Have a Epoxy floor? Here are some top tips on how to clean your Epoxy Floor!

So you have made the decision to get Epoxy floors – but how do you clean them? Epoxy floors are low maintenance, its nearly like they clean themselves!

Sweeping, vacuuming or even mopping takes care of most of the floors cleaning needs. Depending on how often your floors are used will depend on how often you do this. Retail stores will benefit from doing this on a daily basis but home owners will only really need to clean their floors when something has spilled depending on your home.

What items do you need to clean epoxy floors? All you need is

  • Foam or sponge mop
  • Push broom
  • Dust mop
  • pH-neutral cleaner
  • Bucket for diluting the cleaner
  • Paper towels or cloths to pick up spilled liquids

Its that simple!

To keep your floor looking great we do recommend regular sweeping or mopping as repeatedly walking on the dirt and grit that can collect could lead to either scratches in your floor or making the floor loose its shine.

For spot cleaning, most spills and fluids will clean right up with a paper towel. When you want to sanitize the epoxy floors just mix some mild cleaning solution with a litre or two of water and mop the floors. We find Neutral pH cleaners work best for epoxy coatings.

If your epoxy flooring is heavily stained, wearing thin, or beginning to peel, ask EcoPro Pressure Cleaning about installing a more durable and easy-to-clean coating. Contact us today!

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