Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Pressure Cleaned

It’s that time of year again, we are starting to get back into a routine with school and work starting again for 2019 and the new year routines are in full swing.

Most people use the beginning of the year to clean the insides of their home, decluttering, cleaning out the closet of clothes that never was worn, toys never played with. While the inside looks great by the end of January, the outside just needs some TLC after all the holiday celebrations. The patios and pools are first to be cleaned, but people tend to forget the one most important structure that will keep them safe during winter – their roofs! Here are six, important reasons why you need to clean your roof this Summer.

1. Avoid Roof Replacement

Having your roof pressure washed periodically by a professional is considerably more affordable than having it replaced every few years. A small investment in keeping your roof clean will pay off dividends in the long run. Preventive maintenance not only can give your roof those extra years it deserves, but you can prevent future damage to it as well

2. Prevent Future Damage to Your Roof

Leaving your roof untreated for long periods of time risks the development of problems that go beyond just a single crack. The accumulation of growths like algae, moss, and lichen contribute heavily to roof wear and tear. Having your roof cleaned will wash pesky plants away and keep any cracks from growing.

3. Lower Your Energy Costs

If your roof is left untreated, the heat absorbed by the tiles can affect the overall temperature of your home, resulting in additional use of your cooling system. By removing stains and leaving a shiny reflective surface behind after a pressure cleaning, roof temperatures will decrease along with your energy bill.

4. Protect Your Health

Pressure washing not only maintains the health of your roof, but also the health of everyone living beneath it. Mold and other potentially harmful allergens can build up over time if the roof is left untreated, and can trigger a multitude of health problems like throat irritation, skin irritation, and even respiratory problems.

5. Improve Your Roof’s Appeal

Everyone secretly wants their home to be the envy of all their neighbors, but when your roof is the one on the street that has wear and tear, mold growing out of the tiles and dirt streaks running down the side, that dream can be far off. By having your roof pressure cleaned, your home will look as new as the day it was built. Before you know it, everyone will be asking, “what’s your secret?”

Our Queensland roofs withstand a range of weather conditions throughout the year, from extreme sun exposure to storms. Roofs protect us from these conditions, and yet we ignore their maintenance until the time comes for repairs. So, why not treat your roof with the same care as the inside of your home? If you’re interested in Pressure cleaning your roof, or if you have any questions, call EcoPro Pressure Cleaning today on 0417 699 480 or click here for a free quote today!

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