Top 6 Reasons to Get Your Home Pressure Cleaned

Your house is made up of the most important structures of your home, including the roof and the walls. It needs to be be looked after and pressure cleaned every 6 months and here are six, important reasons why:

  1. Avoid Roof Replacement – If you have your roof pressure washed periodically by a professional cleaner it is actually more affordable than having to have it replaced every few years. Regular maintenance over replacement always will save you money in the long term.
  2. Lower Your Energy Costs – A untreated home can let the heat into your house via the roof and the walls which can affect the overall temperature of your home. Increasing your home’s temperature will result in higher use of the air conditioner and increasing your energy costs. When you remove the stains and leave a reflective surface behind after a professional pressure cleaning your roof temperatures will lower decreasing your energy bills.
  3. Improve Your Homes Appeal – By having a Residential pressure cleaning, your home will look as new as the day it was built. Before you know it, everyone will be asking, “what’s your secret?”
  4. Increase Your Home’s Longevity – The strength and shine of any home will fade over time – especially if untreated, but when you have your house professionally pressure cleaned you will not only breathe new life into the house but you will be extending its life if left untouched.
  5. Prevent Future Damage to Your Roof – As previously mentioned if you leave your roof untreated then you will be accumulating of growths like algae and moss can contribute to more problems like cracking and leaking. Having your roof cleaned can help prevent this.
  6. Protect Your Health – Professional pressure cleaning not only maintains the health of your home, but also the health of everyone living inside of it. If left untreated mold and other potentially harmful allergens could build up over time and trigger a multitude of health problems like throat irritation, skin irritation, and even respiratory problems.

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