Why NOT to DYI Pressure Washing

When it comes to performing a pressure wash, this is best left to our professionals at EcoPro Pressure Cleaning. You need to having just the right knowledge and skills to not only use the equipment properly, but also to ensure that your home is not damaged I the process. It’s not an easy task if you don’t have the experience but what is easy is to make a crucial mistake when a pressure washing yourself, resulting in permanent damage to your house.

While stores sell residential pressure washers, they are usually not effective enough to successfully do the job and if not used correctly it can leave scarring or high-water pressure marks on a house or building, broken window seals, dislodged siding, paint damage, shrubs and plant damage, a damaged roof and much more. It can even lead to mould and mildew appearing on the building sooner that it should if pressure washing is done improperly.

If an inexperienced person tried to pressure wash their house, it can also lead to personal injury that could have been avoided. When using chemicals that you’re not familiar with can be very dangerous and is never recommended.

In the end, if your trying to save money by doing your own pressure washing you are more than likely going end up spending more money than if you had hired one of our professional team to do it for you in the beginning!

We are eco-friendly, have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we can clean almost anything! Contact us now for a free quote!

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