Coming into winter now the days are getting colder and it is a good time to start to look at the outside of your home to see what needs repairing and replacing so you can get ready for the summer months again. If you have a Tennis court, it may be looking a little tired, worn out and in need of some TLC. Tennis courts are usually out in the open all year round and they can have algae and other fungal contaminants growing on the court.

In general, acrylic surfaces are durable and long lasting compared to artificial surfaces and require less maintenance, but they do still need to a good clean at least once a year and professional high pressure cleaning is the fastest and safest way to deep clean your tennis court.

On a weekly basis you should try to clean off any debris off the courts surface as well as your drains such as leaves, sticks or other items that can accelerate the growth of funguses. If you neglect the maintenance of your tennis court the surface could not only affect he general play of the game but also become a dangerous place for players.

It will also cost you more in the long term if maintenance is not upheld as you will end up possibility having to resurface your court.

Contact EcoPro Pressure Cleaning today for a free quote to get your Tennis court looking brand new and ready to use again!

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