At EcoPro, we Recapture, Recycle and Reuse the water we use on-site. This saves precious resources and reduces excess mess, which means a quicker and better clean that’s good for the environment, too.

  • Recapture


    We vaccuum re-capture the water we use on-site

  • Cleaned & Recycled


    The water is cleaned & recycled into our tank

  • Reuse


    The precious water is then available for re-use

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

EcoPro 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At each and every job we offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee means that you don’t pay unless you’re totally satisfied (which we know you will be). It also gives you the guarantee that your surfaces are being cleaned in the safest and most professional way possible.

These are our 7 steps to guarantee your satisfaction:

  1. We Guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our pressure cleaning. So much so, that if you’re not you’ll get your service for free! We’re so confident in the quality of our services that if for any reason you’re unhappy, we’ll redo the clean for you. And if you’re still not satisfied that we have made an impressive difference to your property you’ll get the entire service for free… no questions asked!
  2. We Guarantee safety. In addition to your satisfaction, our key aim is safety on-site. We do a full risk assessment prior to job commencement, with a focus on full occupational health and safety. This means you’ll be safe, we’ll be safe and the public will be safe, too.
  3. We Guarantee we’re fully insured. Set your mind at ease, because we’re 100% insured with a $20,000,000 Public Liability & Work Cover policy. That means everything on site is completely covered.
  4. We Guarantee to be on time. We pride ourselves on being punctual to every job. And if for any reason we’ll be late to your job we’ll keep you fully informed.
  5. We Guarantee to respect your property. We treat yours like its our own. If we move it we’ll put it back. If we make a mess we’ll clean it up. If we break it we’ll fix or replace it.
  6. We Guarantee no hidden costs. No sneaky last minute charges. The price we quote to you in detail is the price you pay. And if for any reason additional services will be required we’ll confirm it with you and agree upon a price before we commence.
  7. We Guarantee to go above and beyond. We’ll make every last possible effort to ensure that your property is as clean as possible. We’ll use every method we can and make sure we commit to your project as long as needed. This gives you outstanding value for money and the ultimate pressure cleaning results.

Brett Eisenhauer – Owner Operator
Brett Eisenhauer - EcoPro Owner & Operator

Professional & Practical

Why waste your time trying to pressure clean your property with a non-commercial pressure cleaning system? Our system is extensive, and is 100% professional commercial-grade. This, combined with our professional techniques, allows us to produce the ultimate pressure cleaning results.

Our services are portable to anywhere around the Gold Coast, Brisbane, South East Queensland and Northern NSW areas. We can come to you via land, or even via water to clean your jetty or waterfront hard surfaces.

We can pressure clean any hard surface in almost any type of space. Large open areas, tight tricky spots, high hard-to-reach places – whatever you need cleaned we can manage it for you.

We’re CM3 Certified, which means we comply with maximum OH&S standards and procedures to ensure the safest worksite possible and full compliance with safety requirements.

The time you’ll save by choosing EcoPro far outweighs the effort you’ll need to put in to get the same results on your own. Leave it to us get your property looking exactly as you want it, and spend your time doing more important things!